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Beat Identity

Octonano assisted with the creation of an Investor Deck for pitching investors in the US Market and beyond.

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Music Production
Scope of Work
Investor Deck and Brand Positioning
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The Challenge

Beat Identity is a commercial music production company that creates soundtracks for brands and businesses and empowers companies to better express their identities through music in a more soulful and cost-effective way. The brand reached out to Octonano to create a presentation deck for potential clients to creatively and artistically communicate their company values and identity to prestigious prospective American partners, emphasizing the quality and efficiency of the brand and its business model.  

The Challenge

The Solution 

Octonano used its artistic acumen to create a presentation deck that played off elements that reflect emotions one feels while listening to music, in line with the brand’s values. The deck emphasized the value of the company by providing a deeper informative dive on Beat Identity’s leadership team, composed of Stefano Fontana, Federico Foli, Roberto Baldi and Silvia Achilli, all accomplished veterans within their respective industries. The deck highlighted the brand’s effectiveness by breaking down Beat Identity’s business model into three simple S’s: Savings, Simplicity & Sustainability, making the company’s operations easy to understand and articulating its high performance.

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The Solution
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