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Colavita S.p.a

Octonano devised a strategic plan with a focus on dedicated omnichannel digital strategy to pivot and evolve Colavita’s brand narrative to reach a wider audience while honoring the company’s heritage.
Food & Beverage
Scope of Work

Social Media Strategy: editorial plan, visual materials, copy,

analytics review, social media manager training

Email Marketing Strategy: copy, design, database growth

Influencer Strategy: activation and maintenance of collaborations


“Collaboration, care and creativity are Octonano’s strengths.”

Carla Colavita, CMO
Colavita S.p.a
olivia+tartufo oil.png

The Challenge

Colavita is an established company that was seeking to unify their marketing messaging to both the Italian and U.S. markets to create a cohesive brand identity. Part of the challenge at hand was introducing Colavita’s new character, Olivia, and positioning her as a mascot of the brand. It was important to Colavita that all messaging honored the company’s heritage, while also evolving to speak to their customers across the world. They turned to Octonano to develop the brand’s email marketing strategy, influencer strategy, and social media strategy.


The Solution 

Octonano analyzed both the U.S. and Italian markets to devise a dedicated narrative and a strategic plan that would pivot the brand’s identity from a product-oriented to a community-oriented company. As part of this narrative concept, Octonano facilitated and provided structure to partnerships within the sports sector, positioning Colavita as a brand that is passionate about wellness. The editorial plan developed by Octonano included creative direction for social media, dedicated email marketing newsletters, and an influencer strategy to solidify Colavita’s legacy and presence. Octonano framed a digital marketing strategy to strengthen Colavita’s reputation and, ultimately, to grow sales in both of the target markets.

The Solution

Email Marketing Strategy

Landing page concept
Brand Identity

Social Media Strategy

Editorial plan
Social media communication
Visual materials
Digital Media Strategy

Influencer Strategy

Activation and maintenance of partnerships
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