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Octonano guided the strategy and content creation of Jugular’s revolutionary editorial publication.
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Publishing / Limited Edition
Scope of Work
Editorial Strategy: 360° editorial planning, content creation, photography, support with editing, full publication process,
scouting of collaborators
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The Challenge

The founders of Jugular wanted to create a physical editorial media project - a manifesto - that would completely disrupt the increasingly digital world of publishing through a mix of sensorial content and designs. The manifesto’s desire was to reclaim the pleasure of printed media by rising above the standard, envisioning the periodical book as a high-quality, tactile experience that readers could revisit, again and again, discovering different, new elements each time they held the book in their hands. Jugular needed to source collaborators and contributors to help them achieve these goals, and they tasked Octonano with helping them to turn their concept into a reality.

The Challenge

The Solution 

For each edition, a creative director was appointed to devise a unique theme for the manifesto, featuring different talent in each issue to provide diverse and provocative perspectives on art, fashion, and design. In line with Jugular’s desire for an uncommonly high-quality product, Octonano guided the creation of the first ever “flat screen” book, with a binding that allowed for every 2-page spread to be viewed in full, without bending or creasing. Each feature was printed on intentionally specific paper - sometimes matte, sometimes of various textures and transparencies, sometimes with removable interactive pieces - to emphasize a dialogue between the reader and the product. Octonano provided content creation to shape an interplay between artistic advertisements and editorial features, which mimic and play off of one another seamlessly through a shared visual language balancing aesthetic and commerce. The result is not only an innovative manifesto but an evocative experience of discovery.

The Solution

Editorial Strategy

360° editorial planning
Content creation
Support with editing
Full publication process
Scouting of collaborators
Editoral Strategy
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