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Octonano assisted with the Distribution Strategy for Latorre in the USA thanks to the introduction to local Brand Builders and the definition of the positioning within the premium classic market.
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Scope of Work

Positioning (US Market)
Distribution Strategy (USA)
Brand Builders' Intro

The Challenge

The Challenge

Latorre is a premium classic tailoring brand founded in Puglia, Italy, by Michele Latorre in 1965. A family brand to this day, Latorre approached Octonano as it sought to expand and enter the US market, preserving its brand values while modernizing its distribution strategy. Octonano was tasked with formulating a distribution strategy specific to the US market, including inventory assortment, pricing structure, distribution logistics, brand positioning & digital presence.

The Solution

The Solution 

Octonano began with defining distribution channels in line with Latorre’s brand values and positioning within the US market, with the assistance of one of its Brand Builders’ Distribution Partners. The segment of reference was identified as “premium classic market,” the perfect hotspot for creating a community around the brand’s values. Being a family brand, Latorre aims to offer the most meticulously made and cared-for clothing all while being accessible, akin to strong family values. Octonano’s creative approach enabled the brand to pay homage to their Pugliese heritage, reinforcing the notion that the brand is undeniably Italian.

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