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Maison 7

Octonano developed a brand identity, e-commerce presence, and social media strategy for Maison 7, a new clothing line focused on sustainable designs.
Scope of Work
Brand Identity: logo, tagline, brand narrative, brand book, visual identity
Digital Media Strategy: Instagram and Facebook strategy, editorial plan, ad campaigns
E-Comm Website Creation: creative direction, development, content creation, pre-during-after launch strategy
Distribution: scouting of partners, creation of brand materials

“Transparent, competent, and focused are the three adjectives that we would use to describe the Octonano team.”

Tiziana Carli & Beatrice Sembeni, founders of Maison7


The Challenge

As a response to fast fashion, the mother and daughter co-founders of Maison 7 sought to launch a clothing line that embodied sustainability through timeless high-quality capsule collections. Maison 7's mission was to produce less and, by creating versatile and long-lasting attire, encourage consumers to buy more consciously. In creating their company together, co-founder Tiziana Carli is passing down her knowledge of clothing design to her daughter Beatrice Sembeni, who offers her knowledge of the digital era in return. The co-founders also desired a brand that could be universal for all body types, displayed by their bespoke selection of fabrics and materials that adapt to the body. Maison 7 tasked Octonano to build a brand identity, create a digital presence, and develop a plan to make their e-commerce launch a success.

The Challenge

The Solution 

Octonano devised the company’s name by working closely with the founders to determine their desired values for the brand. The word “Maison'' embodies the importance of female bonds and clothing designs that speak to each woman’s unique body type, inspiring confidence and self love. “7” comes from the 7 core pieces of the brand’s first collection and 7 values that the co-founders infused in their designs: exploration, concept, creativity, development, creation and precision, perfection, and made-for-you. Tiziana, the mother of the duo, came from a family of seven sisters, reinforcing the importance of both “7” and “Maison'' in the brand’s name. Octonano created the brand’s logo around the image of a circle, emphasizing both individuality and sustainability, and crafted a tone of voice, tagline, and brand book based on Maison 7’s identity. Understanding the company’s target demographic was crucial to informing Octonano’s digital marketing and social media strategy, content creation, and awareness campaigns. Octonano provided creative direction for Maison 7’s e-commerce website and facilitated distribution partnerships for the brand’s product as part of the pre-during-after launch strategy.

The Solution

Brand Identity

The Essentials
Brand narrative
Brand book
Visual identity
Pre-during-after launch strategy
Brand Identity

Digital Media Strategy

Instagram and Facebook strategy
Editorial plan
ADV campaigns
Digita Media Strategy

The Website

website mockup.png
A Window to the World
Creative direction
Content creation
Launch strategy
The Website
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