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Octonano created a brand identity, developed community incentives, and provided launch support for MUSICA, a new nightclub in New York City founded
by Giuseppe Cipriani and nightlife entrepreneur
Tito Pinton.
Scope of Work
Brand Identity: tagline, brand narrative, brand materials
Brand Strategy: artist collaborations, creation of
incentivizing programs, strategic database
Website: copy
Elegant Abstract Background

The Challenge

MUSICA is a new nightclub in New York City, born from a partnership between Giuseppe Cipriani of the luxury hotel and restaurant group, and Italian nightlife entrepreneur Tito Pinton, owner of the historic Il Muretto club in Italy. The club needed a complete brand strategy, and enlisted Octonano to develop an identity that would communicate the brand’s unique concept of combining entertainment, musical performances, and creative nightlife experiences within a premiere service and hospitality environment. 


The Solution 

Drawing upon the founders’ vision of a community-driven space fueled by a combination of music and socializing, Octonano’s team created a brand narrative that communicated to the world how MUSICA is different from other nightclubs. A tagline, “We’re More.,” was developed to establish MUSICA as an elevated experience that would resonate with the fun-seeking, creative nature of the brand’s target audience.

Next, Octonano conceptualized and developed an exclusive, invite-only “Blue Key” program, gifting a limited number of exclusive membership cards to local celebrities and VIPs, further solidifying the brand as influential and innovative. A second program, targeted to local club-goers and open to the public, was created to incentivize the growth of a community. This free, application-based program is represented by the MUSICARD, which provides priority access and perks, such as a free bellini from Cipriani. Octonano conceptualized the perks, structure, and visual identities for each program, including the design of physical cards. In addition, Octonano provided a strategic database of contacts that were ideal recipients of the highly exclusive Blue Keys.

To ensure a seamless and successful brand launch, Octonano developed website copy to fully communicate the various spaces within MUSICA, as well as the brand’s vision, special programs, and availability for private events.

The Solution

Brand Identity

Senza titolo-7.jpg
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The Essentials
Brand narrative
Brand materials
Brand Identity

Brand Activations

Artist collaborations
Creation of VIP programs
Brand activations
Brand Strategy
The Website
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