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Industry Insights pt. II

Stay updated with marketing developments in 2024: here are three strategic pitfalls not to be underestimated to protect your brand.

1. Enhancement of the Real: In an era dominated by digital, let's not forget the importance of tangible authenticity. Digital offers infinite possibilities, but without a concrete connection with the real world, we risk losing value. Audiences are undeniably drawn to what they can touch and feel; these experiences create a deep bond that transcends the virtual, building trust and a perception of luxury that only the reality can offer (The Drum).

2. Authenticity: Gen Z, with its growing market, demands a new level of authenticity and ethics from brands. This generation seeks brands that not only speak but live their values, demonstrating that authentic connection comes from shared principles and genuine narratives (Rolling Stone).

3. Respect and Collaboration: Interacting with youth communities means embracing respect, collaboration and transparency. These interactions should not be seen as simple marketing strategies, but as true partnerships, which can lead to lasting benefits if managed with integrity (The Drum).

Octo is here to guide you through these challenges and opportunities. Contact us to make sure your brand is moving in the right direction.


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