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Bringing Creativity to Your Brand’s Name: How We Developed Our Name

Why We’re Called Octonano

Our fairy tale origin story begins on a winter day in Soho, NYC. Octonano’s founders were strolling down a snowy cobblestone street and stumbled upon a beautiful holiday window display featuring an arrangement of 100 nanos. Enchanted and intrigued by this scene, they returned to salvage eight of the nanos at the end of the holiday season. And from those eight resilient nanos, the inspiration for Octonano was born. The nanos symbolize Octonano’s key values: lifelong curiosity, receptivity to innovation, and a willingness to wander off the beaten path to explore the unknown.

The name Octonano is the combination of two words and worlds:


  • From Latin octo or Greek oktō, ‘eight’.

  • We identify with the number 8.

  • 8 is the number of balance and harmony, of realism and infinite possibilities.

  • 8 is the additional element you didn’t quite expect.


  • From Greek νάνος or Latin nános, ‘small’

  • To recall the 7 nanos and their incredible commitment to Snow White -- just as we are incredibly committed to your brand.

  • But we didn’t think just 7 nanos could take on your challenges, so we added one more to make it 8, and created Octonano.


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