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Octonano provided business development strategy
and presented new potential clients to Rebby
while guiding a full rebrand, including a new visual identity, company profile, and website.
Garment Prototyping and Manufacturing
Scope of Work
Brand Identity: logo revision, tagline, corporate and marketing materials, company profile, services list, stock list
Digital Media Strategy: Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin editorial plan, visual materials
Email Marketing Strategy: copy, design, database growth
Website: website revision, website content revision
Business Development: market and competitor analysis
services foto dettaglio- homepage.jpg

The Challenge

Rebby is a company that specializes in garment production, especially outerwear, for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. With the desire to expand further, Rebby sought to present the brand in a new light that would be in line with the current requirements of the market. Rebby also wished to improve its digital communication strategy, and as a family company, they sought to develop their social media presence in order to express the revised values of the brand, which were highly connected to family and local heritage. 


The Solution 

Octonano began with an analysis of the brand’s competitors, the market climate, and current clients. A mentorship program was established to further refine the skills of upper management with a focus on U.S. market knowledge and brand management.

Next, Octonano began the rebranding process by working closely with Rebby to help define values and a vision for the future of the brand. The information gathered informed the production of a new logo and updated color palette, as well as a new brand tagline. While rebuilding Rebby’s website, Octonano worked to update the structure and create visual and written content. With this new visual identity, Octonano developed a new company profile and presentation packages for the brand and its services. Octonano also presented several new business opportunities to Rebby in order to further expand their client roster and international reach.

The Solution

Brand Identity

Senza titolo-2.jpg
Logo Rebby black.png
The Essentials
Logo revision
Corporate and marketing materials Company profile
Services list
Price list
Stock list
Brand Identity

Digital Media Strategy

Editorial plan
Visual materials
The Website

Email Marketing Strategy

Database growth
Brand Extension


A Window to the World
Design revision
Content revision

Business Development

Market analysis
Competitor analysis
Business opportunities introductions
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