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Sara Mosele Interiors

Octonano worked closely with Sara Mosele to define and launch her personal brand, and later supported the development of targeted packages to continue expanding the brand's reach.
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Interior Design
Scope of Work

Brand Identity: logo, tagline, brand narrative
Brand Extension: concept advisory, support in collaborations

Social Media Strategy: ad campaign strategy, analytics review

Website: creative direction, copy, e-shop strategy


The Challenge

Sara Mosele, an interior designer with over 20 years of experience, had decided to branch out and start her own company. She sought help creating a strong new personal brand, from defining her brand narrative to implementing creative marketing techniques. It was important for her to have a powerful team supporting the launch of Sara Mosele Interiors, and she looked to Octonano to develop a brand and communication strategy that would position her new company for success.


The Solution 

Octonano started by working closely with Sara to determine her brand’s values, specialties, and a narrative to frame how Sara Mosele Interiors would be seen by the world. Sara’s approachable personality and mix of open minded creativity and pragmatic design inspired a tone of voice and tagline, “design with a human touch,” to create a connection with her target audience while also defining her work method. 

Octonano developed a social media strategy and provided creative direction for a new website, as well as support for communication campaigns to ensure a seamless and successful brand launch. 

After completing the initial project, Sara Mosele decided to seek Octonano’s help again, this time with collaboration opportunities and improving her design packages to better fit the needs of her clients. Octonano supported collaborations with two different high quality handmade home decor brands to build out an e-shop of unique products to expand the brand’s reach and create an additional source of income. Furthermore, Octonano developed specific design packages with clearly defined scopes of work which were then added to Sara’s website, for which Octonano provided copywriting, visual identity, and a strategic social media advertising plan to reach and refine the brand’s target audience.

The Solution

Brand Identity

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The Essentials
Brand Narrative
Corporate and marketing materials Company profile
Services list

Brand Identity

Brand Extension

Concept advisory
Support with collaborations
Brand Extension
Digital Media Strategy


A Window to the World
Creative direction
E-shop strategy
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