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Say Wow

Octonano developed an in-depth digital marketing strategy to support the launch of Say WOW’s first event in the U.S. and optimize the brand’s overall visibility and digital presence.
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Fashion Private Sale
Scope of Work
Brand Identity: logo revision, tagline, corporate and marketing materials, company profile
Digital Media Strategy: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn editorial plan, creation of visual and copy assets, ADV strategy
Email Marketing Strategy: copy, design, lead generation strategy
Website: website prototype and execution, optimized copy and visual assets
Business Development: competitor & market analysis, intro to targeted clients, deck pitch presentation
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The Challenge

Say WOW! is an international event services platform with headquarters in Milan, Italy and Paris, France, providing vertical operations especially for private sales.

Seeking to launch their brand in the US Market with a First Private Sale Event organized for YOOX-Net-a-Porter Group, Say WOW! reached out to Octonano to identify their ideal positioning in the U.S.

By activating their brand’s reach and digital presence Octonano started building their customer database starting from the TRi-State Area and will approach other states in the USA by the end of 2023.


The Solution 

Octonano began by defining Say WOW’s positioning as, “Private Sales, Done Better.” Next, Octonano facilitated the brand’s foothold in the U.S. market by creating an Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy, with the goal of building a U.S. Database while increasing the number of bookings during the company’s very first official event in the United States: YOOX Private Sale Secret Room.

Octonano developed a plan that revolved around social media, email and influencer marketing, the creation of a dedicated website, overseeing publicity partnerships, and in-store activations.

These efforts yielded 1.5 million impressions from advertising campaigns and reached 650k users, with over 2k Instagram followers gained.

Through this multi-channel marketing strategy, Octonano was able to collect over 14,000 email addresses at an open rate of over 74%, successfully securing 14,192 active customer bookings for the launch of the brand’s first U.S. private sale, augmenting the brand’s overall visibility and presence, and creating a strong precedent for future events.

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The Solution

Brand Identity

The Essentials
Logo revision
Corporate and marketing materials Company profile
Intro Deck 
Brand Identity

Digital Media Strategy & Statistics

Editorial plan
Visual Assets
Copy Creation
  • 1,5 MLN Impressions
  • 650K People reached
  • 2,1K Followers on Instagram
  • 7K Visits to Link in Bio
  • 270K Views on Influencers' Reels
Digital Media Strategy & Statistics

Email Marketing Strategy

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Editorial Planning
Graphic Design
Copy Creation
Lead Generation Strategy

Email Marteking Strtegy & Statistics


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A Window to the World
Website prototype and execution
Optimized copy
Visual assets
  • 73.7% Emails open rate
  • 15.9% Link Click rate
  • 14,192 Bookings
  • 13,801 Subscribers

Business Development

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Market analysis
Competitor analysis
Into Pitch Deck
Business Developemet
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