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What We Do

For every project, we build a customized team, sourcing experts from our international network to bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to create powerful brand experiences. We harness the power of storytelling, compelling content, and innovative strategies to build a customized roadmap that supports your growth and ensures you reach your goals.

Branding / Rebranding

Struggling to understand who your brand is, how it talks, what it looks like? That’s where we come in. By working together to understand your brand’s messaging, mission, and vision, Octo will help you put together a strong brand identity, from your tagline, to your tone of voice, to your color palette.

Personal Branding

No matter your reason for needing a person brand – promoting your own business, moving ahead in your career, building your influence – Octonano is there to help you build it. We’ll help you identify and communicate your key values to deliver an impactful, attractive personal brand.

Paid & Organic Digital Media

We get great numbers. Seriously. From creating organic editorial plans, to strategizing advertisement campaigns, to collecting high-quality email marketing leads, we ensure that your content always hits its mark.

Brand Activations

We activate your brand by creating powerful experiences that communicate and build relations with your stakeholders. Through brand activations, we help you make use of all the tools at your disposal to increase awareness and presence through immersive interactions between your brand and its customers, including in-store pop-ups, launching giveaway campaigns, and creating moments that leave an impression.

U.S. Localization Services

Both our clients and are team are truly international. With offices operating both in Italy and the U.S., we work fluidly among languages and continents to ensure a foothold for your brand in your target country.

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