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Prioritizing Circularity at the Coterie Trade Show

The Coterie Trade Show is an annual event held in New York City that brings together designers, buyers, and retailers from all over the world to showcase the latest trends in fashion. One of the key themes of the trade show in recent years has been sustainability, with many designers and brands emphasizing their commitment to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.

In particular, there has been a growing focus on the circular economy, which aims to minimize waste and maximize the use of resources by designing products that can be reused, repaired, or recycled. Many fashion brands are exploring innovative ways to embrace circularity, such as using recycled and durable materials for longer-lasting garments, implementing closed-loop supply chains, and partnering with organizations that promote circular fashion. In support of circular fashion, Coterie has been collaborating with a company called Hey Social Good, which helps to verify and assess the social and environmental impact of a portion of the brands at Coterie, to help encourage progress in brands toward more sustainable practices.

To increase awareness of these issues, the Coterie Trade Show has also incorporated augmented reality experiences into its programming. Partnering with Arcadia Earth and eBay, the Coterie Trade show featured an interactive digital installation to educate brands and other attendees about the six stages of circularity. Indeed, Coterie’s choice of partnerships also speaks to their commitment to sustainable practices, with Arcadia Earth combining art and technology to inform and educate the community about climate change in order to create lasting change, and eBay helping to extend the life of products and keeping them longer in circulation through the resale of pre-owned items.

Octo Outlook

Through this virtual experience, we were able to understand with greater clarity how the decisions of brands and consumers alike can contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. These immersive exhibits use AR masks that allow attendees to visualize the impact of fashion pollution, while also demonstrating the potential of circular fashion solutions through garment digitalization. The event also included a panel discussion on the shift from traditional business practices to circular economic processes hosted by leading activists in the field of circularity.

The use of augmented reality to showcase different natural materials and more durable production processes helped us visualize first hand the benefits of circularity, innovative retail tactics, sustainable fabrics and design. Here at Octonano, we’re impressed by Coterie Trade Show’s dedication to helping drive positive change in the fashion industry and beyond, and we’re excited to see what will come next.

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