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Federico Foli

Federico Foli is a C-level professional with over 20 years of experience in the international technology and wellness industries. He sought to use his professional knowledge and expertise to establish a business advisory brand that would fuse two of his great passions, music and mindfulness, to create an innovative, human-centric business approach. Frederico’s goal was to build a presence that would allow him to share his method with the managers and business people of tomorrow.


Personal Branding, Logo, Tagline & Brand Identity, Content Creation, Editorial Planning, Publishing, Photography & Videography

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Octonano POV

Starting from a creative point of view, Octonano defined Frederico Foli as “A Mindful Leader,” a term that informed his brand identity and communicated his business strategy. This name became the title of Foli’s book, which Octonano edited, designed the cover for, and crafted the tagline “The Sound of Business.” Octonano collaborated with the artist Waro to create a simple, minimalist logo and font that emphasized the book’s concept, and a color palette that gave a nod to Buddhism. Creative direction for the new website was infused with the visual narrative and tone of voice of Foli’s distinctive business model.

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