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Our Projects

We balance artistic sensibility with business-savvy acumen to tailor our strategy for each project. Our team of experts build a unique strategy to create powerful brand experiences. We help our clients create, rethink, and expand their horizons.

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Brand Activation


Octonano collaborated with SMALL Agency to create a big splash that would communicate TradeStation's story and place the brand as a global leader in the cryptocurrency landscape.
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Branding / Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy / Brand Activation


Aseye Studio is a NJ-based fashion brand founded by Asia Irving, representing a new wave of sportsmanship that celebrates individualism.
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Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy

Van Heusen

Van Heusen (part of Peerless Clothing Group) recognized the need to enhance brand awareness and tap into new audience segments to increase B2B sales.
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Branding / Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy / Brand Activation / U.S. Localization Services


Octonano developed an in-depth digital marketing strategy to support the launch of Say WOW’s first event in the U.S. and optimize the brand’s overall visibility and digital presence.
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Rebranding / Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy


The brand approached Octonano looking for a light rebranding and amplification strategy to highlight their services and location on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
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Brand Activation / Rebranding / U.S. Localization Services

Agua Bendita

Octonano provided shadow management and
creative direction to facilitate Agua Bendita’s internationalization process.
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U.S. Localization Services / Rebranding


Octonano provided business development strategy and presented new potential clients to Rebby while guiding a full rebrand.
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Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy

Colavita S.p.a.

Octonano devised a strategic plan to pivot and evolve
Colavita’s brand narrative to reach a wider audience while honoring the company’s heritage.
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Octonano created a new brand strategy through a collaborative examination that defined the brand’s voice, goals, and ultimate repositioning.
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Personal Branding / Brand Activation

Paulina Vega

Octonano redefined Paulina Vega’s personal brand narrative, facilitating business connections and developing Paulina’s digital presence.
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Personal Branding

Federico Foli

Octonano developed a brand identity for Federico Foli’s new business advisory brand, culminating in the publication of his book “The Mindful Leader”.
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Brand Activation

Aston Martin

Aston Martin approached Octonano to create attention-grabbing, culture-creating activations for the brand’s atelier Q New York.
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Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy


Tallia (part of Peerless Clothing Group) approached Octonano to initiate an image overhaul on their branded communications, with a specific focus on Digital Marketing.
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Pinalli, a prominent beauty retailer based in Italy, sought Octonano’s guidance to redefine its positioning and visual identity.
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Octonano guided Pibiplast through a rebranding process by developing a new tone of voice, mission statement, and brand manifesto.
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Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy / Branding


Nerea Cucina & Bar is an upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of the West Village, Manhattan. Seeking to amplify its brand identity as a haven of modern Italian cuisine, digital presence, and local notoriety, Nerea turned to Octonano for support.
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Octonano created a brand identity and website for Acquera, a new company in the private yacht services industry.
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U.S. Localization Services


Octonano assisted with the Distribution Strategy for Latorre in the USA thanks to the introduction to local Brand Builders and the definition of the positioning within the premium classic market.
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Brand Activation

Colavita USA

Octonano developed a strategy to unify and strengthen Colavita’s community of regional cycling teams, including a dedicated website, email communication, and special initiatives.
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Branding / Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy

Charter by the Seat

Octonano developed a brand identity, digital marketing strategy and content for Charter by the Seat, a new company in the semi-private aviation industry.
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Personal Branding / Organic and Paid Digital Media Strategy

Sara Mosele

Octonano worked closely with Sara Mosele to define and launch her personal brand, and later supported the development of targeted packages to continue expanding the brand's reach.
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