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Say WOW!

Say WOW! is a private sales platform providing vertical operations for some of the biggest fashion and design brands in the world.  With headquarters in Milan, Italy and Paris, France, Say WOW! launched their brand in the U.S. Market with a First Private Sale Event organized for YOOX-Net-a-Porter Group, Say WOW! Octonano assisted with identifying their ideal positioning in the U.S. as well as building a quality database in a timely manner.


Branding Identity, Organic & Paid Digital Media Strategy, Content Creation, Brand Activation, Localization Services, Email Marketing

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Octonano POV

Octonano began by defining Say WOW’s positioning as, “Private Sales, Done Better.” Next, Octonano facilitated the brand’s foothold in the U.S. market by creating an Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy, with the goal of building a U.S. Database while increasing the number of bookings during the company’s very first official event in the United States: YOOX Private Sale Secret Room. Octonano developed a plan that revolved around social media, email and influencer marketing, the creation of a dedicated website, overseeing publicity partnerships, and in-store activations, augmenting the brand’s overall visibility, network, and presence, and creating a strong precedent for future events. The event also earned mentions in industry magazines such as Glossy and others.

What We Have Achieved



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