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Pibiplast is an established company in the beauty packaging industry with over 65 years of experience. The brand sought advisory on determining a new positioning that would place it in line with the current demands of contemporary stakeholders’ values with sustainability in mind. This project is a collaboration with BPG (Brand Partners Group).


Rebranding, Logo & Brand Identity Revision

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Octonano POV

After working with Pibiplast to design a new set of core values, Octonano called upon those values to develop a brand essence and brand pyramid, ultimately delivering a mission statement representative of the new course the company aimed to move towards: offering responsible, high-quality packaging solutions. Octonano also established a tone of voice inspired by the company’s new values to reinforce the new mission statement and vocabulary of the brand and better communicate with stakeholders – decisive and polite, informal yet competent. Finally, a new brand manifesto was written to solidify the new values, essence, and tone of voice, for the brand to use to continue driving their actions towards reaching their deliberate set of goals.

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