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Pinalli, a prominent beauty retailer based in Italy, sought Octonano’s guidance to redefine its positioning and visual identity. The brand wanted to align both its digital look and brick-and-mortar stores with the evolving tastes and values of contemporary consumers, particularly targeting a younger, culturally-literate audience. This project is a collaboration with our Strategic Partner, BPG (Brand Partners Group).



Pinalli Logo.png

Octonano POV

Octonano began a comprehensive rebranding process to infuse a fresher and more playful touch into Pinalli’s brand identity, beginning with an in-depth brand survey which engaged team members, key stakeholders, partners, and customers through one-on-one surveys both online and in-store. Based on these results, we developed new elements such as a brand pyramid, essence, tagline, values, color palette, and logo to inform Pinalli’s new positioning. This newly-defined identity was then implemented in all national Pinalli stores and on its website.

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