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Colavita USA

Colavita USA relied on Octonano to help them center their brand on community. The company needed a strategy to unify their existing community of regionally-based cycling teams, including the creation of a dedicated website and overall support with communication between the teams and Colavita USA. They turned to Octonano to create and develop the tools and assets that would allow the brand to strengthen and expand their cycling community, ultimately increasing the brand’s authority and customer loyalty.


Content Creation, Email marketing, Brand Activation, Website Design & Development 

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Octonano POV

A strong and enthusiastic community of supporters can be one of a brand’s best assets, so Octonano began by reaching out to each of the regional cycling teams to check in and create an open line of communication and feedback. This information was then used to develop a unification strategy involving a regular newsletter to keep the teams connected and a centralized website to promote the teams and ultimately attract new prospective cyclists. Coordinating the roll out of new uniforms showcasing the yearly design involved ensuring consistency and compliance with branding guidelines. Last but not least, Octonano built a dedicated brand book with guidelines for all Colavita cyclists to further unify the company’s strengthened community.

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