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Baldinini is an established footwear company with over 100 years of experience in the industry. Seeking to modernize the Baldinini image while also respecting the brand’s Italian heritage, the company’s desire was to develop a brand strategy that would strengthen its image, awareness, and reputation to ensure a confident, more responsible and sustainable future. This project is a collaboration with our strategic partner, Brand Partners Group.


Brand Identity


Octonano POV

Octonano began with an in-depth, 360 degree collaborative brand examination to determine Baldinini’s values of accessible luxury, heritage, and freedom. Based on the brand’s desire to be positioned as an innovative, creative, and courageous company informed Octonano’s development of a brand essence and brand pyramid, which defined Baldinini’s new positioning in line with its stakeholders’ needs. The brand’s new essence was the starting point to shape a tone of voice that allowed the brand to speak to a wider public, which was identified and adopted for communication needs throughout the company as well as for marketing campaigns.

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