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Charter by the Seat

Charter by the Seat launched as a new company that offers alternatives to both traditional commercial and private air travel, and the founder wanted the brand’s image to be conveyed as unlike any other air travel brand in the market. The brand also needed a distinct digital strategy to establish itself as a recognizable and credible presence with engaging visuals and a characteristic tone of voice. They turned to Octonano to create a unique brand personality, including strategy and awareness campaigns to develop Charter by the Seat’s prominence within a niche industry.


Brand Identity, Content Creation, Organic & Paid Digital Media Strategy, Editorial Planning, Email Marketing, Photography & Videography, Brand Partnerships


Octonano POV

Octonano created the brand’s visual identity, signature colors, and an original logo to communicate the brand’s unique selling proposition and inform the brand’s overall visual identity, establishing a feeling of looking out a window “into the world” of Charter by the Seat. This idea was carried over to Octonano’s creation of a brand narrative that included distinctive language aimed at conveying a fun, comfortable flight. Octonano also developed the copy and visuals for advertisements, organic social media, and the brand’s omnichannel digital media strategy, all with the objective of raising brand awareness to establish Charter by the Seat’s authority and credibility within the semi-private aviation marketplace.


To design a unique in-flight experience, Octonano facilitated partnerships with artists, power-players in the beauty industry, and food and beverage entrepreneurs to enhance Charter by the Seat’s in-flight experience, and initiated collaborations with visual artists and designers to refine UX on the company’s website, as well.

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