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Paulina Vega

Paulina Vega is a highly talented and successful model, television host, and activist who was crowned Miss Universe in 2014. Years after her reign, Paulina sought to transform her public image from beauty queen to beauty entrepreneur. Paulina looked to Octonano to help redefine her personal brand identity as a business woman focused on beauty, sustainability, and altruism.


Personal Branding, Logo & Brand Identity, Brand Activations, Website Design & Development, Content Creation, Brand Partnerships


Octonano POV

Octonano applied Paulina’s passion for wellness and her concern for the environment, diversity, and inclusivity to shape the creative direction of Paulina’s digital media presence. Through development of a new website and a blog, Octonano positioned Paulina as an internationally-known beauty entrepreneur and wellness advocate. To reinforce her new brand, Octonano facilitated contacts to activate new business partnerships with beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands, and assisted in finalizing Paulina’s collaborations.

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