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Sara Mosele Interiors

Sara Mosele, an interior designer with over 20 years of experience, had decided to branch out and start her own company. She sought help creating a strong new personal brand, from defining her brand narrative to implementing creative marketing techniques that would honor her Italian sense of aesthetic. It was important for her to have a powerful team supporting the launch of Sara Mosele Interiors, and she looked to Octonano to develop a brand and communication strategy that would position her new company for success.


Personal Branding, Content Creation, Organic & Digital Media Strategy, Editorial Planning, Photography & Videography

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Octonano POV

Octonano started by working closely with Sara to determine her brand’s values, specialties, and a narrative to frame how Sara Mosele Interiors would be seen by the world, landing on the tone of voice and tagline, “design with a human touch,” to create a connection with her target audience while also defining her work method. The Sara Mosele’s “world” was completed with a color palette, dedicated pattern and social media branded formats.


Octonano then developed a social media strategy and provided creative direction for a new website, as well as support for communication campaigns to ensure a seamless and successful brand launch. Furthermore, Octonano developed specific design packages with clearly defined scopes of work, for which Octonano provided copywriting, visual identity, and a strategic social media advertising plan to reach and refine the brand’s target audience.

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