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Agua Bendita

This Colombian-based swimwear company contacted Octonano on their way to initiating their internationalization process. Committed to sustainable, handmade clothing, Agua Bendita sought to become a global swimwear and lifestyle brand and wanted to pay homage to their Colombian roots while also reaching a wider audience. They looked to Octonano to identify the most effective brand narrative and tone of voice to reach a broader international customer base. The company sought assistance redefining its unique selling proposition, mission statement, and vision for growth toward the future.


Brand Identity, Business Development, Localization Services


Octonano POV

Octonano started by identifying the values and image the brand wanted to convey. The founders of Agua Bendita, Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Álvarez, started the company as young female entrepreneurs, and Octonano evoked their fearless, independent, and vibrant personal identities as the brand’s main faces and persona. Octonano looked to the hand-painted prints and bold colors of their swimwear designs to update the company’s brand book, tagline, logo, and color palette. The new narrative highlighted the brand’s native community, supporting local Colombian seamstresses through their program #ABhearts. Octonano’s creative business development facilitated distribution partnerships to broaden the company’s reach and audience in the United States and beyond.

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