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The founder of Acquera, who come from a multi-generational family business that provided support to large cruise ships, sought to create a new company focused on the private yachting world. Based in Venice, Italy, the new company wanted to offer concierge services to the 50k+ yachts docked in the Mediterranean Sea. Aquera looked to Octonano to build the brand’s identity, establishing credibility in the industry from day one.


Naming, Logo & Brand Identity, Web Design & Development, Content Creation


Octonano POV

Octonano drew upon the founder’s’ rich history and deep passion for yachting to create the name Acquera, evoking the experience of time spent on the water. The brand’s narrative and tagline “Beyond the Blue” emphasize the luxury and spontaneity associated with yachting. Octonano then used this narrative to inspire the creation of a logo that recalls the shape of a boat and the pattern of ripples that follows as it travels through the water. A color palette of gold, silver, white and black reiterates the brand’s pillars of decadence and professionalism, while Acquera’s website and identity are all imbued with the imagery and concepts of their narrative.

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