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Building a Brand Persona: Who Is Your Brand, Really?

When building your brand identity and positioning in a new market, one of the most important first steps is defining your brand persona. Essentially, your brand persona works to humanize your brand and tell a story about who you are, what you offer, and how you interact with customers. Ultimately, your brand persona is what makes you stand out from your competitors and relate to your clients. Here are our top tips for finding your unique brand persona.

  • Identify your brand’s personality traits.

To start, brainstorm as many adjectives as you can that have potential to exemplify your brand’s “personality.” For instance, these may include traits such as playful, sophisticated, friendly, cool, or professional. Once you’ve done that, try to narrow these characteristics down to five adjectives only. While it can be challenging to choose only five, this selection process is essential, since you want to distill and simplify your brand’s message.

  • Find your brand voice.

Creating a tone of voice in which your brand “speaks” is a vital step, especially since you’ll use this voice for any branded copy materials. Things to keep in mind would include how formal you want to sound, how enthusiastic, how humorous, or how inspirational. In addition to being used for marketing copy, the brand voice will make a huge impact on how your brand is perceived and how your customers will engage with it.

  • Create a brand manifesto.

To expand upon your brand’s personality characteristics and voice (as well as your company’s mission and vision statements), consider creating a manifesto to express these factors creatively and sincerely. The manifesto typically has a narrative element to it that builds up to your brand’s belief system. It usually also involves a call to action, encouraging customers to endorse the brand if it aligns with their values.

  • Research your customer base.

The timeless piece of advice: Know Your Customers. While the demographics of your customer base will always vary, it’s important that you understand their needs and preferences in order to create a persona that resonates. With the help of surveys, market studies, social monitoring, and trend tracking, you can identify the factors that attract customers to your brand, which can also help you in determining your brand voice and personality.

Still unsure of how to identify your brand persona? Get in touch with our team of experts today!


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