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Discoveries From Miami Tech Month

Miami Tech Month kicked off in early April with Bitcoin 2022, the world’s largest cryptocurrency-focused conference with an estimated 30,000 people in attendance. With an exciting reveal, a panel discussion, and an abundance of learning opportunities all on the horizon, the Octonano team hit the ground running from the moment they touched down in Miami, ready to get to work.

On the morning of April 6th, the Mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez, stood at the entrance of the Miami Beach Convention Center and, after delivering several profound statements regarding crypto and the future of finance now being in the “Magic City” (as it’s so fondly to known to its residents), the Mayor dramatically counted down, “THREE…TWO…ONE!” as the massive royal blue covering was pulled away to reveal the now famous 3,000-pound Miami Bull. With glowing laser blue eyes and distinguishing features such its robot-like metal hardware frame, the Miami Bull sculpture was commissioned by Fintech pioneer and cryptocurrency trading platform TradeStation. With a nod to New York’s iconic symbol of finance, the Charging Bull statue, TradeStation’s Miami Bull stakes a new claim: to make Miami the “Capital of Capital” (and the Capital of Crypto!), all while declaring the city as the new epicenter for the future of finance.

“It was incredibly gratifying to see the culmination of all our hard work come to fruition over the two weeks we were in Miami,” said Maurizio Marchiori, Co-Founder and CEO of Octonano, the branding team behind TradeStation’s Miami Bull. “We truly came together - with our partners from SMALL, Kreative Kontent, Factory PR, and our client, TradeStation, to make it through even the most grueling, difficult moments and that, more than anything, shows the real force and resilience behind what our team has helped contribute to this project.”

And while the unveiling of the Miami Bull was, of course, one of the incredible highlights of the Octonano team’s two weeks in Miami, Miami Tech Month held many more treasures to be uncovered. Octonano attended many of the keynote events during Miami NFT Week. which took place over the first weekend in April, including “The Future of Metaverse Marketing of Brands”, hosted by Swan Sit, marketing mastermind and former head of global marketing for Nike.

Octonano’s own Maurizio Marchiori participated in a panel discussion at Miami NFT Week, as well, called “What Do You Do After the Initial Drop?”, which focused on the marketing and branding process behind successfully making NFT drops after your first one. With countless talks on topics ranging from gaming to NFT marketing to Why Web 3.0 Matters, it’s obvious these trending ideas are setting the tone for the future of life as we know it.


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