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The Influence of Ryan Serhant: A Study in Personal Branding

In a multitude of sectors, if you own your own business, personal branding tends to be a must. Especially for lifestyle industries such as fashion, food, and real estate, having a strong personal brand is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to promote and enhance your business’s positioning. Today, we’re taking a look at how real estate agent and media personality Ryan Serhant gets it done. Although Ryan’s main industry is real estate, he has built such a strong personal brand that it can even stand on its own.

Initially, Ryan got his real estate license as a way to make money between acting gigs. He quickly rose through the ranks, and began his media career as a TV personality on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York.” He is the Founder and CEO of SERHANT., plus a thought leader on how to improve your productivity, work-life balance, fitness, and interpersonal skills. Here are our top lessons we can learn from Ryan.

Clearly Define Your Tone of Voice

Since agents are the touchpoint of a deal, they need to be likable and adaptable, but most of all, memorable. As a TV personality, this medium was also essential to his success, as it elevated his personal presence and brand recognition manifold. The content Ryan produces consistently adheres to a familiar, straightforward, and good-natured tone, that breaks down challenging situations (such as burnout or difficult conversations) and provides actionable tools for dealing with them. The result is a consistent, engaging mix of life coaching, business education, and Ryan’s personal takes on the industry. People remember Ryan’s unique, positive personality – and his skills of putting people at ease and simplifying complex issues translates to real estate like a charm.

Balance Your Brands

Speaking of translating well to real estate, the personal brand Ryan has created plays a near-equal role in positioning his other businesses, real estate firm SERHANT. and coaching course Sell It Like Serhant, as their own marketing strategies do. This is because Ryan’s personal brand is right on par with these other brands in terms of visuals and tone, but on a larger scale, in terms of values and promise to the client. This is the promise of building your dream life, whether through soft skills and confidence (Ryan’s personal brand and Sell It Like Serhant), or through your dream home (SERHANT.). Think of Ryan’s personal brand as a human embodiment of his other businesses, with the credibility and personability that he establishes through his personal brand making clients all the more likely to readily work with him in various other capacities.

Stick to Structure

Part of Ryan’s success in building his brand both as a real estate agent and as a thought leader lies in his commitment to a structured content creation strategy. As Ryan himself tells us in one of his videos on how to have a productive day, he advises planning your day the night before, and Ryan demonstrates this same level of planning and attention to detail in how he has built his brands. His disciplined schedule includes regular posting and interacting with his followers, maintaining an active online presence, and his content remains infallibly high-quality across all his channels.

Octo Impressions

Thanks to the hard work and cultivation of his presentation, relationships, and content, the charisma and notoriety of Ryan’s personal brand is palpable throughout the industry – after all, not many other brands could use just an “S.” as their logo to the same level of instant recognition. The beauty of Ryan’s personal brand too, is that it’s not just for those within the real estate industry – as well as satisfying our morbid curiosity in the interiors of $9,000,000 penthouses, from fitness, to confidence building, to witty and unexpected insights into all kinds of sectors, Ryan keenly understands the desires of his clients and fulfills them with panache.

Are you a business owner? Consider building your personal brand, as well.

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