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A Day in the Garmet District with SDA Bocconi's Young Entrepreneurs

Last month, we spent the afternoon with the students of SDA Bocconi Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management in the Garment District. 

Co-hosted by the talented Garment Developer and Manufacturer Asha-Marie Singh and Octonano’s Co-Founder Annalisa Menin, the students visited three companies that represent the essence of the NYC Garment District: a close-knit community of business owners, including designers and specialty manufacturers, some of whom have been working there for 50 years.

As nurturers of young entrepreneurs, we are so glad to have had the opportunity to meet with these bright and brilliant students and introduce them to a community of business owners in NYC’s Garment District.

We learned a lot ourselves about the garment industry, and many thanks to everyone who contributed to this event! Make sure you're following us on instagram to see more of our exciting projects.

A special thanks to:

- New York Embroidery Studio

- Tom's Sons International Pleating 

- Q4 Designs 

- Lucia Paladino & Emanuela Prandelli

- Stylistico Showroom.

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