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What's the deal with party reporting?

Are you looking for a credible way to amplify your latest brand activation? Consider the PR angle of party reporting. Plus, we've already done the research to break it down for you.


Party reporting! In other words, articles that report on the outfits/guest list/music/menu/general hijinks of a given city or industry’s hottest parties.


  • Party reporting seems to be one the most shameless appeals to public FOMO. If you were lucky enough to be at the party, you’re part of an elite crew. And if you weren’t at the party, you’re bound and determined to do everything you can to be at the next one.

  • It’s a clever way to do effective PR. In one short roundup, every sponsor, ambassador, host, and VIP gets to show face, the event is effectively amplified, and the angle is simple.

  • More often than not, you’ll find that these aren’t just parties

  • They’re branded events, where it’s in wealthy and famous people’s best interest (or contract) to attend. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the brand and the press: the brand receives a write-up where they seem savvy, festive, and glamorous, and the publication gets the prestige of association and invitation.


  1. @Document Journal reported on the party thrown by arts column Wet Paint and PR firm @Cultural Counsel to launch last year’s Armory Show. In fact, Wet Paint (part of @Artnet) has a habit of reporting on their own parties, such that exclusive invitations have become one of their best subscription magnets. 

  2. @New York Magazine's The Cut is another infamous party-reporting magazine. They even have a newsletter-turned-column for it called “Are U Coming?”. These types of articles tend to ramp up during particularly party-heavy seasons, like NYFW or Miami Art Basel.


This kind of awareness marketing would most benefit companies with a robust activations and events calendar, particularly those with a festive atmosphere.

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