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Celebrating Our Client: Nerea

Exciting news from a food and hospitality business we've had the pleasure of working with! Here are some incredible achievements they've made in just 7 months of collaborating:

🌟 Brand Identity: They've crafted an identity that truly reflects their vision and is now easily recognizable. 🌟 Brand Awareness: People now know exactly where to find their restaurant and understand the type of experience they offer.

🌟 Brand Consistency: Their presence on social media is so consistent that you can spot a post from them immediately.

🌟 Notoriety: It's not uncommon to spot actors and VIPs dining at their establishment.

🌟 Business Development: With their first-year results exceeding expectations, they attribute part of their success to the marketing efforts of the last several months.

🌟 Customer Retention: Over the months, they've noticed a high rate of returning customers, proof to the quality of their service and offerings.

🌟 Clientele: Their new customer base perfectly aligns with their target demographic, with weekends filled with young crowds and weekdays frequented by after-work gatherings and business meetings.

🌟 Octonano Team: The client also had some kind words about the Octo Team, praising their cohesion and individual strengths, creating a seamless and exceptional collaboration experience.

Looking to achieve similar results for your business? Get in touch with Octo to elevate your brand and achieve your goals!


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