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Exploring New Art and Media with Octonano

This month, we'll be sharing our latest excursions to relevant museums around New York City. At Octonano, we put culture first, meaning that we are always seeking inspiration for our branding work in art, fashion, film, and all types of media. And this month, we're taking you with us!

The museums we visited this month (including the Balloon Museum, a Picasso retrospective at MoMA, and a Spike Lee-dedicated exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum) reminded us of the importance of a distinct graphic identity when creating a brand. Every exhibit we saw was visually cohesive and recognizable – a mark of quality and talent of both the artists and curators involved. As we ourselves get ready to unveil our own new look, we're keeping these qualities top of mind. Stay tuned to discover more about our own rebrand.

Want to learn more about the importance of brand identity, recognizability, and consistency?

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