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How to Choose Content Creators — from a Content Creator herself

Last month, we had a wonderfully insightful session with the lovely and knowledgeable @Laura Giromini Arrigoni, the personality behind VivereNewYork. She discussed the real ROI on influencer marketing and led us on a productive "influencer audit," pointing out which exact metrics to look at on organic content when assessing if an influencer is right for your brand.

There are hundreds of conversations to be had around influencer ROIs, but hearing Laura's invaluable perspective as a content creator herself helped put things in a new light for us. While it's a reality that certain influencers will buy likes, Laura helped us focus on the two most important metrics indicative of real, quality brand awareness and consideration: shares and saves. In other words, if a post has as many likes as it does views, but only 5% of viewers saved or shared, it's likely that those likes were bought.

We at Octonano have always prided ourselves on quality over quantity, so this session was exactly what we needed to keep pushing our standards higher in 2024. Struggling to identify the right influencers for your brand? Get in touch with Octonano today!

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