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Octonano's Guide to Italian Summer

One of our main points of pride at Octonano is the value we bring as an international company. Although we’re headquartered in SoHo, NYC, we also want to give some attention to our roots in Italy as well. So, we’ve put together an Octonano guide for what to know about Italian summer traditions, whether you live there full time or are traveling to this beautiful country in the upcoming months.

La Festa

While “la festa” literally means simply “the party” or “the festival,” in Italy this event often refers to a local celebration of an individual city or town’s patron saint. While this event has roots in Catholicism, it’s mainly a festive, community event, filled with music, processions, and sometimes street food. For example, our team members in Florence would have celebrated the Festa di San Giovanni on June 24th. If you’re going to Italy, make sure to check if your destination will be celebrating their local Festa while you’re there!


Whereas the Festa indicates a festival of a more religious nature, the Sagra has more to do with food. Think of the Sagra as a community picnic,focusing on one particular seasonal product or dish. For instance, in Tuscany it’s common to see Sagre di Cinghiale (wild boar), and there is also a Sagra del Melone (melon) or the Pugliese Sagre del Panino della Nonna (grandmother’s sandwich). As they typically happen a bit outside the city center, these events are true windows into Italian family and community life, and a great opportunity to sample delicious, traditional cooking.


An Italian national holiday, Ferragosto (also known as the “mid-August” holiday) takes place every year on August 15. A fun fact about Ferragosto is that the holiday dates back to 18 B.C., in which the Emperor Augustus announced the “Feriae Augusti” (Augustun holidays) for the ancient Romans. Today, during this period, many people travel either to the mountains, lakes, or sea to escape the heat. However, if you’re in the city, you can expect to still find events such as live music or fireworks.

Are you looking to inject your brand with some European flair? Why not get in touch with our global team of experts today!

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