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Recharge Season: The How to Stay Refreshed and Productive Year-Round

As summer winds down and Labor Day fast approaches, people in all industries are preparing for a fruitful third quarter, hopefully refreshed and revitalized after some time off this summer. As we ourselves at Octonano are doing the same, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the importance of taking time to recharge, the benefits this holds for work, and some strategies to do so all year long.

Taking time away from the office, whether to visit family or friends, cultivate a personal hobby, or simply rest and relax is proven to produce invaluable benefits, among them the improved physical and mental health of employees. However, on top of this, employees are likely to return from their time off energized and creative, and thus more intrinsically motivated to find new ideas and solutions in their projects than before. For example, a study conducted by Ernst & Young demonstrated that every 10 hours of vacation taken by employees resulted in an 8% end-of-year performance improvement. This refresh is especially important in industries that require creativity and innovative thinking, and particularly right before Fall, when most businesses begin to see an uptick in activity post-summer. Furthermore, we’ve noticed that the practice of encouraging employees to take personal time to recharge fosters a stronger work culture, as it reinforces the message that companies are committed to employees’ well-being.

Of course, summer holidays tend to be a natural period for time off, given the number of office closures and slower business activities that occur during these months. However, we wanted to highlight some ways to prioritize unplugging, relaxing, and recharging throughout the normal work week, to prevent burnout actively no matter the season. As your company gets back into normal working rhythms these next few months, here are our top tips for balancing work and life for ultimately higher levels of productivity and energy.

  1. Consistent exercise. This isn’t to say that you need to hit the gym hard every single day, but incorporating a few minutes of intentional, dynamic movement into your week is proven to result in a clearer head as well as a healthier body. This can be as simple as using your lunch break or commute as an opportunity for a brisk walk, or taking 15 minutes after you wake up to stretch or sweat.

  2. If your work is especially analytical, consider taking a “creativity” break during the day, such as with an adult coloring book or another relaxing hobby. Not only will this give your mind a rest from repetitive tasks, it may give you an opportunity to discover a new inventive angle or solution to a work-related problem.

  3. Especially if you work from home, be sure to make time for connecting with friends, family, or colleagues and chatting about life outside of work. This social boost can give you the energy you need to get through a day of tasks, and it can help you feel extra support in your life and career.

Here’s how some of our team members make sure to fit self-care into their routine!

Annalisa, our co-CEO trains twice a week, walks 10k steps a day, and loves to garden in her free time.

Sara, our Senior Project Manager, is an avid reader and goes for runs while listening to music.

Rocco, our Digital & Social Media Strategist, practices meditation, goes regularly to the gym, and always makes time to catch up with friends.

Niko, our Junior Brand Strategist, plays a pick-up soccer game every week in the park.

Clara, our English Copywriter, cooks a weekly dinner with friends and likes to crochet her own clothes.

Alessandro, our Junior Customer Relations Manager, enjoys taking in films and art exhibits that inspire him.

Federica, our Graphic Designer & SMM, recharges by spending time with her daughter and going for long walks.

At Octonano, we’re proud to have built a community that prioritizes teamwork, recharging, and confidence among colleagues. Get in touch with our team to find out more about how we work.

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