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Kikko Takes Octonano

At Octonano, we’ve always prided ourselves on listening to different ideas, discovering young, fresh perspectives, and involving every member of our team. Today, we’re highlighting Federico (aka Kikko), our summer intern and a senior at Lynn University.

Where are you from, and what are you currently studying?

I am a New York native with an Italian and French background. I have been living in Florida for the past three years to study International Business and haven't really gone anywhere since. When I got the news that I got the position to Intern with Octo Nano I was completely stoked not only to come back home, but to also have a challenging but memorable work experience for an International Fluid Marketing company.

What is your typical day as an intern at Octonano?

It would be a very hard task to say what the typical day would look like. Sure, I would come to the office at 9 and end around 6, but everyday has been different, whether it be the type of work or who I collaborated with. One day I would need to sort registered emails for a local restaurant, another I would be tasked to find influencers for a streetwear clothing brand, and then another I would need to research available Miami billboards for an international company. This aspect is exactly what initially attracted me to this job: while the work is unpredictable, it encourages you to make connections and learn things that are usually outside your field.

What is something that you learned recently that will always stick with you?

I’m definitely going to remember the education in social media marketing I got at Octonano. I am guilty of not having the most active personal social media (in fact, I don't remember the last time I've posted), but here I’ve learned everything that there is to know about maintaining a successful social media account. From the type of media, to researching the best posting schedule, to finding the right people to promote your brand, the list goes on. I’ve learned the ways in which social media has become integral to every business: whether you post blogs to promote your content or sell products via e-commerce, social media platforms are the perfect place for integrating marketing with storytelling.

What was one thing that surprised you about your internship?

Like I have mentioned before: the variety of work that I did during this internship was incredible, and so was the range of skills I learned. In other industries or companies, I likely would be told to do things in one specific way, and continue to do it that way for the full time I was there. Not only did Octonano teach me things that I would have at first found difficult, but they also allowed me to produce meaningful results. While I did make a few coffees and grabbed water for the dispenser, most of my 8 weeks here were filled with completing tasks that were essential to everyone. All my research, graphics, slide sheets and presentations have been used in substantial ways, and it has made me very proud to see my work in use.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work or school?

When I am not working, eating or sleeping I’m probably doing some kind of exercise. When I’m in school, I am on their Swimming and Diving team, meaning that I swim 4 hours a day, once early in the morning and again in the afternoon (if that doesn't scream dedication then I don't know what else would). Now that I do not have access to a body of water to swim in, I regularly go to the gym after work; I can't let all the tough work I’ve done go to waste!

When I have days off, like weekends or holidays, I go work at my family’s restaurant. One new skill I’ve recently been trying to learn there is bartending. People say that I should get some rest, especially because I am a college student during summer, but I disagree: while recharging is important, I prefer to use every moment of my time to do or make something worthwhile. Sometimes you make progress on things you don't like, and other times you may complete something you adore but accomplish nothing in the greater scheme of things. However, I have been lucky enough to experience only positive things from Octonano: I have pursued that which interests me, while I was given the opportunity to help everyone. Not only did I receive a fulfilling job experience, but as an intern I was given full trust and respect from others at Octonano, which is truly what motivated me to produce and learn as many things as I did in these (surprisingly fast) 8 weeks. I really cannot thank Octonano NYC enough for this opportunity. I wish them the best of luck for their current and future collaborations with clients.

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